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                    Petroleum Engineering
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                    Name of specialty:

                    Petroleum Engineering(Bachelor, 4 years)               

                    Oil and gas engineering(Master,3 years),  
                    Oil-gas equipment in safety engineering(Master,3 years),
                    Oil-gas field of applied chemistry(Master and Doctor,3 years),
                    Oil-gas field development engineering(Master and Doctor,3 years),   
                    Oil-gas well engineering(Master and Doctor,3 years),
                    Oil-gas storage and transportation engineering (Doctor,3 years)

                    Educational Objectives

                    This program nurtures high-quality technical talents with a broad adaptability and engineering basic theory and petroleum engineering specialty knowledge, can be engaged in oil and gas drilling in the field of petroleum engineering and and completion engineering, production engineering, reservoir engineering, oil chemical aspects of engineering design, construction and management, application research and development of science and technology work.

                    Skills Profile

                    Students of this program will accept education in the basic theory of mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, geology, engineering science and basic knowledge of petroleum engineering, and get the training in petroleum engineering, with basic ability of oil and gas well drilling and completion, oil and gas development engineering and oil chemical field of design, construction, management and the preliminary study on the application and the technology development.

                    Students of this program should acquire the knowledge and abilities as follows:

                    1. Solid foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, computer science and the basic theories and knowledge of petroleum engineering;

                    2. Basic technological theories required in this subject area, including oil field design and exploitation and theory of applied mathematics and geology.

                    3. Abilities in strong Chinese speaking and writing, easily reading the professional books of related to law, economy and other aspects.

                    4. More knowledge and skills in application of basic theory and knowledge for designing and exploiting oil- gas field .

                    5. Abilities in application of basic theory analysis on  technical innovation, scientific research and solution for petroleum engineering.

                    6. Abilities in oil production, operating management and economic analysis with systematic engineering and the modern economic knowledge.

                    7. More knowledge in general chemistry, physical chemistry, oil chemistry and other basic knowledge, basic theory and basic experiment skills.

                    Major Disciplines

                    Generality of Petroleum Industry, Engineering Mechanics, Oil and Gas Field Development Geology, Fluid Mechanics in Porous Medium, Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Oilfield Chemistry, Geological Cognition, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Reservoir Physics, Drilling Engineering, Petroleum Production Engineering,etc.


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